Be Disruptive

I've come to realize that it's more about being disruptive on all levels and not just in general that counts. If you develop a strategy that is disruptive, make sure it's also disruptive on the channels you execute with. Something as simple as sharing something food related on a fashion account. Otherwise, you're lost in the noise. Change it up. 

Goals 2017

Do cool shit with people you care about! As a good friend of mine eloquently put it over dinner. Amen to that. The rest is just noise. Be meanigful in everyhting you do and the void will be filled.

Don't Steal!

A good book to read would be Seth Godin's Permission Marketing. Traditional advertisers will try to solicit prospective customers by interrupting their daily routine. Godin gives the example of a telemarketer calling while having dinner and coins it as, Interruption Marketing. Find a way to be relevant, anticipated and personalized when sharing your message. And do it where you're not just one of a million doing the same thing. Social media can be a great starting point when used correctly.  

Random Hashtags

I hate seeing nonsense hashtags. Just because you know how to click Shift+3, doesn't mean you know how to hashtag. Ease up on the random hashtags and pick words that define your business or a context that you're trying to be relevant within. If you're creating a hashtag for your own brand, keep it simple, easy to remember and spellable!

Own Your Own Social Network

You should be using social media to reach out to your potential clients, but don't neglect one of the most cost efficient outlets - email marketing! Developing newsletters for your business can help you generate sales more than any other platform. And the best part, you end up owning it fully!